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Selling your La Jolla & San Diego Home

I am sure you would agree that there are many real estate professionals you can choose from to help you sell you home. Most people do business with people they like and trust. At Harcourts, we build our business based on our values

  1. People first
  2. Doing the right thing
  3. Being courageous 
  4. Fun & laughter
Selling your home is a big decision and choosing which REALTOR to represent you and your family is equally as pressing. Not all REALTORS are the same. Harcourts' agents separate themselves from the competition in the following ways:

  1. Better market knowledge
  2. Better marketing systems.
  3. Better connections worldwide
  4. Relentless negotiating
  5. Streamlined sales process to minimize your stress of selling
  6. A full team of resources and recommended vendors to help you with your move

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Marketing With Harcourts

The Harcourts Marketing plan is customized for your home, extensive and is global. Many competitors claim to have global exposure, but very few can actually prove it. The advantage that our Harcourts agents provide over their competitors is that Harcourts agents have the ability to genuinely expose properties throughout the world and dominate the market share. With over 800 offices on 4 continents throughout the world, Harcourts' global network surpasses any of our competitors. Harcourts is currently the 6th ranked real estate company in the world in sales volume and will dominate the U.S. market soon.

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More reasons to list your home with Harcourts

The decision to sell your home will be one of the most important you make – both financially and emotionally. But the decisions do not stop there – the method of sale and the price also have to be considered.

Selling a home is no longer a matter of putting an advertisement in the newspaper and a sign out front then settling back to waiting for a buyer. Technology, training, and marketing are all a crucial part of the process, so you need to know you are dealing with real estate experts who are highly trained and know what they are doing.

With Harcourts at the forefront of the real estate revolution, succeeding because of its commitment to training, innovative marketing and a high level of service, you can be assured of top service and outcomes.

All Harcourts’ salespeople undergo an intensive training course before they enter the market place, and they are backed up by ongoing research into that market to find the most successful ways of selling.

When you list exclusively with Harcourts you enlist the help of not only that sales consultant, but the whole Harcourts brand is working towards your property sale.

Details of your property will be distributed to other Harcourts’ offices immediately and your property will be listed on a leading real estate website recognised industry-wide for its innovative approach and many special features all designed to get your property details circulated to the widest circle of buyers possible.

Pricing is obviously a major issue. You need to be confident that the advice you have is at the highest and most knowledgeable level. Often price will be affected by everything from the competition your property has in attracting buyers, to how urgently you need to sell you home.

It is important to remember that a property is worth what a buyer is prepared to pay for it. When the marketing plan first swings into action all buyers who could be interested in your property are contacted. If they look at it and think it’s overpriced they will immediately lose interest.

Once a buyer, or pool of buyers is identified, the next step is the crucial one – investigating that buying interest and providing assistance to negotiate a sale that while satisfies your needs, also produces a happy and proud buyer of your home. With buying property such a huge step, you need to know that your sales consultant has the skills to assist any buyer to take that step confidently. This is an area that takes skill and training.

Seek the help of people who are committed to a high level of service and professionalism. Seek the help of your local Harcourts sales consultant.